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With Glitz And Digital Flair

Most of the buzz centered on the five different uniforms rolled out, first in a fancy video production and then by current players, and without question everyone wanted to know about the slick shoulder to toe smokey grays. Johnson, Maggitt, Justin Worley and Justin Coleman.

“We’re really excited,” Jones said.

To make his point, a video was played showing Maggitt, the last of five players wearing the new duds, entering the team meeting room to a harmonious roar of approval. customized nfl jerseys A few players were seen giving Jones high fives and hugs.

“Everything is about tradition because that’s who you are,” Jones said, “but nfl cheap jerseys it’s also building on that tradition.”

To view the video of Tennessee players reacting to the new uniform click the following link:Jones put forth certain parameters with adidas regarding the highly touted gray uniform, stressing that neither he nor deron williams jersey the Vols wanted to “lose our identity.” In other words, the idea was to stick closely with tradition, but at the same time expand it.

“You look at any great company, any great organization, they’re always trying to stay ahead of the times,rudy gay jersey,” said Jones, proving to be both a coach and aggressive marketing genius. “They’re always embracing change and change is difficult.

“I think these are very subtle changes. It’s about recruiting as well. My phone has blown up with recruits across the country very, very excited about that.”

Traditions, Jones pointed out, have a beginning stage. They are enriched over years with the total acceptance of the changes among fans, alumni and student body.

“We’re hoping that in 20,cheap nfl jerseys from china 325, 30, 40, 50 years from now that’s still part of our great tradition,rudy gay jersey, just like our seven game maxims,rudy gay jersey, the Vol Walk, Vol Navy and the checkerboard end zones.”

OK, so when will fans nba jerseys and television audiences see the Vols were the uniforms on Shields Watkins Field?

“As of right now,” Jones said. “It’ll be a one game dirk nowitzki jersey deal. We have not decided what game it will be. You look at the nfl jerseys cheap alternate jerseys and the smoky gray: it’s the world we live in. One of dennis rodman jersey the top three questions we’re asked in recruiting is about our uniforms, our jersey colors. It attracts the best student athletes. We have the best colors in the country and now with the smoky gray, that just adds to it.”

Jones just happened to mention that the 1914 Tennessee wore gray and those Vols went 9 0 and outscored their opponents, 374 37.

In 2009, the Vols broke out a black uniform, trimmed in orange, for a Halloween night cheap nfl jersey game against South Carolina. Tennessee beat the heck out of the Gamecocks, 31 13, and it was downright spooky. It was also the last time the Vols defeated a ranked team.

That’s the only good memory Tennessee fans have of Lane Kiffin.

More than once orange clad faithful have clamored for a return of the all black uniforms. For at least one game this year,nba jerseys cheap 038, they’ll get a shade of gray compromise.

The other four uniforms showcased Thursday were for pure traditionalists.

There was the all orange jersey and pants worn by the mammoth Fulton. Johnson.

Maggitt a linebacker sidelined by injury wore the smoky gray and stood in the middle of the fivesome.

Justin Worley, one of four quarterbacks trying to nail down nfl jerseys the starting job, was to Maggitt’s left in an orange jersey and white pants, the road game attire.

Justin Coleman, a defensive back, was blake griffin jersey decked out in all white.

Quarterback Nathan Peterman confirmed the players’ inspirational moment when Maggitt walked into the room in the smoky gray get up.

“There had been talk about gray uniforms,” he said. “Coach Jones brought in all the orange and white uniforms, but no gray. I thought something was missing. Curt was still not in the room, so something was going on. When Curt came in I was really pumped to be honest.”