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The remarkable life and times of Edward Lane,
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WE ran a picture recently of workmen who played their part in the building of the runway at Dublin Airport many years ago and I asked for any information that might be out there on those involved in the project.

Thanks to Eamon Madden from Feltrim and Dick Maguire we had quite a few of the names and the list included Edward ‘Ned’ Lane and his brother in law and best man, Vincent Lyons.

card against humanity, the humble man who appeared in our picture, Ned Lyons, served in Jacobs Mills in 1916 , along with his sister Kathleen who was in Cuman na mBan. Ned,
playing cards against humanity, Kathleen and one other girl did not surrender when the factory was taken. Anyone who wished to carry on the fight were given a few hours to get out and regroup.

Ned became a member of B Coy 2nd Bn Dublin brigade and went on to serve under Oscar Traynor himself.

During one search of a house in the city, Ned was taken and a young British officer tried to hang him on the spot to make an example of him. Others taken out of the house included Mick Lane and Frank Flood. The army found morse code documents but missed two revolvers hidden in a bed!

Thankfully, a senior officer took the rope from around Ned’s neck just in time.

His war raged on after that and he was involved in the burning of the Custom House. As he and two others ran from the scene, the men either side of him were shot, one suffering fatal wounds.

In the Civil War, he was a sgt major in the Dublin Guards. His time done, he went off to New York in 1923 having married Teresa McDowell a year earlier.

While in New York, he met up his with his older sister, Molly, a famed leader of the sit in strike of 1938 in seven cities across the US while employed with the Bell Telephone Company.

Ned, meanwhile, returned to Ireland in 1932 and with Oscar Traynor set up a Fianna Fail branch in Santry. Ned lived in Swords and Francis states that two of his brothers, Denis and Eddie, went to school in the town.

‘My father and Vincent were still working on the airport on the day war was declared. A man came running across the field shouting ‘cover Dublin, cover Dublin. War declared! Dublin was written in cement in big letters. I wonder is it still there,’ he adds.

Francis has some wonderful pictures and information on his father,
cards against humanity best expansion, including one piece that might interest former Taoiseach, Charles J Haughey himself. Ned Lane was the seconder to the motion put forward by Oscar Traynor that CJ Haughey run in the elections for the constituency of Dublin North East.

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