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It used to be that pile cream was something sufferers would keep hidden away for fear of embarrassment and ridicule. But the latest fad in America is seeing men use it all over their upper bodies in order to look their best on a night out. reports say the haemorrhoid treatment,
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cards agaist humanity, is being used by clubbers who believe it makes them look more muscular.

The cream reportedly removes excess water from under the skin,
cards against humantiy, giving the temporary appearance of a more toned body through restricting the size of blood vessels in the targeted area.

Some reports have emerged of over zealous devotees going as far as applying the cream in the queue before entering the club. The process even has a name: Klutching or to Klutch.

It not the first time ‘Prep H’ has been used in a way that was not intended when it was launched back in 1935.

In the seventies, rumours emerged that bodybuilders used the product as a means of giving muscles added definition in the lead up to competitions.

Preparation H is also sometimes recommended as part of tattoo aftercare. It’s claimed that the same properties that help relieve anal irritation also make it useful for soothing the skin of a freshly implanted tattoo,
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